Our Story

     We are a party facility and wedding venue. We act as your personal party consultant, help in menu selection and planning, and follow through on every detail to ensure your party is a smashing success. You take the credit and we do the work!
     As a wedding/reception venue, our prices are competitive and our service is outstanding.  We take pride in going the extra mile to help each bride achieve the perfect wedding day.
     Our event package is a true full-service package.  We offer several different centerpiece styles for you to choose from or we can customize them into the colors and design of your choice.  Of course, you can bring in your own centerpieces if you prefer.  We're happy to put them out for you along with party favors, candies, etc.  
     Having your ceremony at our location is an option as well.  We're happy to walk you through how that would work when you come by for a tour.